Hey there! I'm Sara Lunn, and I'm from the land of lovers, Virginia, but I've made myself a home in Las Vegas. I studied Graphic Design in college, and my passion lies in designing and cultivating meaningful paper goods & floral arrangements. I obsess over flowers, thrive on design, and love love love my husband, Ben, and my baby daughter, Harvest. My sweet family is the best part of my life, and I love being with them! I am currently soaking up time with my beautiful girl, and hoping that she stays little forever... I can wish, can't I?

Cultivate Goods is about creating beautiful things for the special times in life. We absolutely love partnering with others to help cultivate those dreams into reality. Whether it be the gorgeous invitation you send to your guests, or the stunning bouquet you hold as you walk down the aisle, we want to make your day an unforgettable one that exceeds your dreams!